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Inexpensive robotic cleaner for flat bottom above ground pools THE ABOVEGROUND POOL CLEANING ROBOT The easiest, fastest and most efficient way to clean your flat-bottomed pool.You bought a swimming pool to have fun - not to give yourself more work. Maybe you find yourself spending time cleaning the pool instead of swimming and enjoying it. Or maybe you bought one of those pool cleaners that work off your pool filtration system. Because your aboveground pool filtration system was only designed to filter your pool water and not to vacuum and clean your pool floor, you may have noticed that the filtration system doesn?t do a very good job and requires constant cleaning. Besides, those bulky hoses get tangled; you?ve got to drag them out of storage, hook them up to the intake valve, and the cleaners tend to get stuck on the ladders, stairs, seams, drains and footprints. Making matters worse, they?re noisy and their wearable parts add up. Get yourself a Pool Rover Jr. today and enjoy complete, effortless pool cleaning at the touch of a button!POOL ROVER Jr. WORKS WITHOUT THE HASSLE OF HOSES & OFFERS YOU SO MUCH MORE. Just drop your lightweight Pool Rover Jr. in your pool and push a button. It's that easy. Jet-propelled? to systematically clean the flat-bottomed floors of 24' diameter pools in as little as 30 minutes. Self-contained with its own internal pump and filtration system, so it vacuums and filters without hoses! It removes everything from large leaves to algae as small as 2 microns with its easy to clean, reusable state-of-the-art filter bag. Actually pays for itself by reducing chemical, water and energy costs by as much as 50%! Proven long life and low maintenance, Pool Rover Jr. will serve you well for many years. Has a guidance system that's easy to set and will clean any shape aboveground pool. Extra-wide non-marring wheels allow it to roll over ripples and deep footprints in pool bottoms. Its Patented E-Z Swivel Device ensures a tangle-free cable. Made in the U.S.A. Supported by the leading national network of robotic service centers and in-house customer support team. Works without the familiar wear and tear parts found on all other aboveground cleaners saving you even more money.  Specifications Quantity of Water Filtered:   4800 Gallons per Hour Cleaning Coverage:   5400 Sq. Ft / Hr. Electrical Cord Length:   40 ft. Warranty:   1 Yr. Clean Time:   1 Hr. Reset Switch:   Manual (To prevent accidental restart) Operating Cost:   1 Kilowatt Hr. per 6 Hours Approximately 5 Per Use Electrical Plug:   110v / 60Hz Filtration - Micron Rating:   Self Contained, Down To 2 Microns Wattage:   140 Watts Unit Weight:   10.5 lbs SKU: APRVJR Vendor: Aqua Products Group [ SHIPPING WILL APPEAR AT CHECKOUT ]