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Often called the Baby Blue Diamond, the New Blue Pearl is the World's Newest, Technologically-Advanced Robotic pool cleaner. Removes all debris from algae to large leaves. Totally- independent with no installation, hoses or booster pumps.Cleans even large pools in 3 hours or less. And SUPER-AFFORDABLE!Obtacle and Air Sensors For Safe Shut off The Blue Diamond has consistently been rated the very best pool cleaner on the market. Now Water Tech , manufacturer of this high-end icon has designed a cleaner with most of the attributes that make the Blue Diamond so unique at a more affordable price. The Blue Pearl offers the same quality material, the same European craftsmanship, the same super climbing PVA brushes and the same unique 100% coverage computerized guidance system. It also offers a built-in obstacle and air sensor, ensuring that your Pool Peal will not climb out of zero gravity (beach entry) pools, or get hung up on ladders and other obstacles SKU: PEARL Vendor: Water Tech [ SHIPPING WILL APPEAR AT CHECKOUT ]